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comment posted by Buddy Sheriff on 09-03-2016
New River stands at the threshold of opportunity to reach a hurting community. We are praying for power as you share the Gospel and represent Jesus.
comment posted by Samantha Jagneaux on 08-28-2013
I am going on my 5th week straight at this church, it might be a small gesture for most people but for me it means so much! I haven't been in church in a couple of years but after my MawMaw passed away her church family was so loving and welcoming to me. God worked on my heart and I finally made the decision to go to church! Well as of 5 weeks ago I have gotten so much closer to God and my family! Thank you for your supportive and welcoming church family!
comment posted by jenelle edwards on 07-23-2013
Would've to visit u guys some day